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I have a mirror of which I am very fond.

Original Mirror Detail

It is straight-out-of-the-paint-box vermillion in colour and decorated with Chinese figures and scenery. I bought it some years ago, together with a hairbrush, from a charity shop in Kent.

It is so straight-out-of-the-paint-box vermillion in colour, that I have not yet found a wall where it would be at home. This being so, when I wanted to make a miniature version of it, I changed the background colour to black and the undercoat, that shows through in places, to cadmium red.

My miniature version is constructed using a handbag mirror, which has safety glass, securely housed in a plastic frame.

The handmade frame is then painted and varnished several times to give the soft sheen effect of old lacquer.

It is relatively heavy and so I have added a hanging wire at the back. This can be snipped away, or twisted out of sight if it is not needed.

I have a pattern for the frame and sketches for the design, but each of these mirrors turns out differently.

They are also dependant upon good light for painting, and a supply of handbag mirrors – neither of which can be guarenteed.



3 and 1/2 inches tall – (8.9cm)

2 and just over6/16th wide – (6.1cm)

Just under ¼ inch deep – (7mm)



I have no idea where, or when, my original mirror was made – it has no identifying marks that I can find.



These miniature mirrors are made from REAL GLASS. They are not  “toys” – they are a “collector’s items”

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