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prize Magazine - slightly over 12th scale

The Prize Magazine was published for children in the late the late 1800s / early 1900s

Like The Strand Magazine, they were often bound into book form and it is slightly unusual to find complete ones, particularly earlier editions from the 1880s / 1890s.

I bought some covers (no interiors) dating from 1902 / 1903 a few years ago because I liked the pictures on the front.

There is a copy on eBay at the moment (from June 1902), if anyone would like to see an independent example of a full-size one.

The miniature versions are very easy to make and I only took photographs this afternoon because I was interested in trying out some new paper that I had.

So the difference the paper makes – ?

Open House Miniatures - Prize Magazine different papers

From left to right, the papers that I used are –

  • LEFT supermarket basic (thin and will yellow with age)
  • MIDDLE best acid free eucalyptus (should not yellow)
  • RIGHT premium coated inkjet paper (should not yellow)

– and the differences between them are not as marked in the photograph above as they are to the naked eye.

So what did I do – ?

Open House Miniatures - make miniature magazines -score central crease 1st

First, I scored the central crease on the spine – to make folding easier

(the example in the photo is of inkjet paper, notice how the coated surface is lifting.)

Open House Miniatures - Prize Magazine - trim top

and then I cut along the top of the magazine – this makes lining up the back and the front covers easier.

(The example in the photo is printed on the basic supermarket paper – notice how it is not as smooth as the inkjet paper and how the ink has spread, making it slightly blurry)

Opne House Miniatures - 12th scale magazine - white interior

Then, when everything was folded and firmly creased, I cut round the other edges.

(the example in the photo is of coated inkjet paper, notice how white the interior is compared to the cover.)

Open Hose Miniatures - coaxing the magazine to stay shut

The thicker the paper is, the less the magazine wants to stay “folded”, so…


Next I took some pale lemon yellow tissue paper (this was the only pale colour I had to hand – a nice off white, buff tint would have been better) and very lightly glued two folded sheets inside the cover. This held the covers closed and gave  the magazine a little bit of (non-white) bulk without making it unwieldy.

(Don’t glue right up to the edge of the cover and leave everything looking a little bit “loose” for the most realistic effect)

Open House Miniature 12th Scale Prize Magazine for Children

Then I trimmed the tissue paper using scissors, so that it showed a little unevenly behind the cover.


The covers of the original magazines vary a little bit in size, but on average they are around 9″ x 6.3/4″

So, at 1 inch tall, these miniature versions are slightly larger than 12th scale.

The copies that I made, do not open, but they do look quite realistic lying around, and I was rather pleased with the result.

In conclusion

  • the coated paper did give the crispest print and the best colour reproduction, but it was rather bulky and I know that the coating is prone to flaking off, unless sealed
  • the best eucalyptus paper (which should not discolour) had an attractive finish, but it was rather stiff and thick
  • the cheapest, basic supermarket paper (which will yellow and age) actually worked best – in my opinion – as it had somehow had the soft, rubbed, aged effect of the originals.

If you want to make magazines that open, so that your dolls’ house children can read them, I suggest painting one side of a piece of paper with cold tea or coffee to make it off-white. Before putting the stained paper through you printer, and printing on the unstained side. Please make sure that it is completely dry and as flat as possible, before printing on it.

I now have 3 sets (18 copies) of The Prize magazine – and a dilemma…

But that is going to have to wait until later – and a new post.

Here is the pdf for all six covers – The_Prize_Magazine_OHM_20130109

It is also on the  Project Page with a few other things to make and do.

Happy Making !

* * *

UPDATE: 1st November 2015

As well as a few more magazine to make on the old Projects Page, there are now some magazines more available on the new Printables Page.

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