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Open House Miniatures - 3 Houses from McLoughlin's Pretty Village

revitalised photo courtesy of http://www.picmonkey.com

I am not going to have a computer next week so I have been trying to cram everything computer-related into this week.

Naturally, I haven’t managed to do half of what I wanted to do, but before I disappear off-line I thought it would be nice to post a Make and Do, so here (in a bit of a rush) it is – with a little bit of explanation first.

I seldom make a limited edition of anything.

The Pretty Village was an exception to this rule because, although I like it very much, I could not bear the thought of making thousands and thousands of tiny houses – endlessly.

The last of the limited edition sets will be in the post this coming Monday, and so I wanted to have a little bit of fun, both to celebrate and say farewell.

The result was a different sort of “limited edition” – there are only three houses in this set and what you do with them is limited to your imagination.

I have  re-sized the houses to fractionally over 1/2″ (1.25 cm) tall and, although they are not “easy”, they should not be impossible to put together.

Open House Miniatures - McLoughlin's Pretty Village - House Assembly

I did photograph the “how to make” process but, unfortunately, it has been snowing on and off for a couple of days, and there was either too much reflected light (or not enough light ! ) to get good photographs – and not all the wonders of computer science could improve the photos much – so the following slide show is very uneven in quality.

The pdf  3_Pretty_Village_Houses_OHM_20130119   is, I hope, vastly better !

To escape from the slide show press the Esc key – it is usually in the top left hand corner of your keyboard

I hope you enjoy making these.

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May 2013 Update –

I have had several requests for the full village.

I am sorry, the full village is one of the very few things that I made as a limited edition and it is not available for download.

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I asked in the Post Office this afternoon how much the basic airmail service will be when the prices go up on the 1st May, and they are effectively set to double – from £2.07 to about £3.90 (depending on the destination).

This bring me, rather neatly, to what I have been trying, and failing, to write about for the most of this morning – DIY  KITS

Open House Miniatures - dolls house paper theatre kit

While I have been listing work on Etsy, I have been surprised at the number of requests that I have had for kits – particularly a kit for a theatre.

In the past, due to time and storage issues, these are not something that I could consider making – at least not at a price that would be significantly cheaper than a completed miniature.

However, here is a possible solution that may – or may not ! – appeal to all those who would really like to make something for themselves.

When assembled, the miniature theatre in the photograph above, is it is just under 1 and ½ inches in width (3.7cm).

It is based on a Scandinavian one from the early 1920s and has a curtain and 4 removable scenes, one each from –

Red Riding Hood
Snow White
Hansel and Gretel
and Puss in Boots

The theatre comes in the form of a crisp, high quality, high-resolution ( 300 ppi) png file, which can be sent anywhere in the world via email (no postage to worry about ! ) and the recipient can then make up their own theatre and resize it, or customise it, as they wish.

This is undoubtedly not a new idea, but I have never considered making a kit before and it has given me a week (off and on) of anxiety.

I know it is something that I would like to have – Will it appeal to people who want to make something for themselves?

I know it is something that I can put together – How will other people find it?

How do I decide on a price for it ? – It took time to set up and test, but the cost of materials and construction time will be borne by others (always supposing that someone buys one ! )

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Anyone out there like to be a guinea pig?

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