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Open House Miniatures - detail of painted dolls house firescreen

Here I am about to be depressing again as I am (reluctantly) coming to the conclusion that “on-line” is not a good place for the majority of things that I make.


Well, in order for something to exist here,  I have to photograph it.

And in order to photograph something I have to wait for a day when the light levels are “right”.

This is not too bad for repeatable items, but for things that I cannot repeat exactly, it is a distinct problem.

What do I mean by “repeatable” and “not-repeatable”?

A good example of “repeatable” would be this year’s nativity set.

It is going to be printed and so when they are finished all the nativities are all going to look very nearly identical.

This means that once I have managed to photograph one nativity, the photographs can be used for every nativity set,

Open House Miniatures - Notebook - Nativity Scene 2013

This is an old photo.
I started working on the nativity at Easter.

“Not-repeatable” on the other hand, would be something like the fire screens that I made last week.

Here they are, waiting to be wrapped for posting.


It was not particularly sunny this morning, but my camera is still picking up far too much reflected light and the detail is burned out.

I can cut down on the reflected glare by using a different background.

Open House Miniatures - miniature firescreens

and by using pieces of off-white paper to soften some of the light.

Open House Miniatures - dolls house firescreens

but I can’t honestly say that I am happy with the result.

Open House Miniature - doll house firescreens

And because I cannot reproduce a painted item exactly, I have to photograph every piece individually and this, in our uncertain climate, can be a very frustrating and time-consuming business.

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The photographs on this blog post are watermarked to protect their integrity and reproduced with the permission of the new owner.

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The design on the bluer screen is based on a painting by Renoir.

The basket of flowers on the greener screen is my own design.

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