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dollhouse miniature nativity set

Wooden base, hand-painted plastic figures. SIZE – Just over 1 inch in height (approximately 2.5cm), Just under 1 inch wide (approximately 2.3 cm), Just over 1/2 inch deep (1.3 cm)

I would like to hold a Giveaway for one of my nativity sets.

From what I have read, the usual purpose of a Giveaway is to promote a product or service, so I had better say here and now that I am not trying to promote sales of these nativity sets. This is intended as a bit of fun for readers of this blog and not as an excuse for viral networking.

It also seems usual to ask giveaway entrants to perform tasks. There are no complicated tasks in this giveaway.

If you would like to, and only if you would like to, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post, with a link to a site about miniatures that you like. A site that you would like to share with other people.

Just a link and a few words will do. For example: Phoenix Model Developments and Warwick Miniatures – amazingly detailed 12th and 24th scale cast metal models:

[Incidentally, at the time of typing this, Phoenix are holding a sale  of some of their model toys.]

The comment can be in any language, but I would like the link to be to a dolls’ house or miniatures site that is publicly accessible. For example: a forum, where you need to be a member in order to participate, isn’t accessible to non-members.

Important: you will need to enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter form below, just leaving a comment will not automatically enter you in the draw.

The entry form is here:

Giveaway Entry Form For a Miniature Nativity Set

[UPDATE: 22nd October 2018 – the winner is Kate H in Canada.]

In order to be entered into the draw (and prove that you are not a robot) you will need to type either YES or NO in answer to the question: ‘Did you leave a comment?’

The Giveaway is set to run from 12 am, 28th September 2018 to 12 am, 22nd October 2018 (UK time). The winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter and, as I said before, you don’t need to leave a comment and a link in order to enter the draw.

The purpose of this giveaway is not to collect comments for this blog so, if you leave one, please don’t worry when you don’t see it appear immediately.

If I receive a reasonable number of links (more than ten) I plan to have a ‘Recommended by Readers’ list somewhere. Maybe as a static page – but I haven’t decided about this yet.

Rafflecopter will ask you for your email address, or to sign in with your Facebook account (if you have one).

I will contact the winner, by email, and arrange for the nativity set to be posted after the draw has taken place.

Neither I, nor Rafflecopter, will pass on your email / Facebook details.

I have never entered a Giveaway myself so, before I wrote this blog post, I did a very small amount of research and found this Youtube video, which explains how the Rafflecopter giveaways are supposed to work.

*   *   *

Why do I want to make a ‘Recommended by Readers’ list of links to dolls’ house and miniatures sites?

Well, I had been considering repeating the format of a previous blog post, where I had shared my Christmas Holiday Reading List. But when I looked at the referral information provided by WordPress for this year there was (overwhelmingly) :

  • Pinterest (these cushions were top of the Pinterest links list)
  • Papermau (a site with an astonishing number and variety of paper models)
  • A very wide variety of Dolls’ House Miniature Forums where, invariably, you need to be a member in order to see anything at all.

And from this it was clear to me that the idea wouldn’t work so well this time round.

And then I thought… There are lots of websites / blogs about miniatures. There must be many people who have a dolls’ house / miniatures site that they like. Why not ask the people who read this to share their favourite? That would make interesting reading.

And then the idea of a Giveaway was added into the mix.

Anyway, to bring what was intended to be a short blog post to an end: I was going to save the giveaway until December and call it: ‘A Christmas Giveaway’. But then I thought, if I do that then it will have to end at Christmas, or close to Christmas, and the winner won’t receive their nativity set in time for Christmas.

Hence the rather odd sounding ‘End of Year Giveaway’.

*   *   *

Finally, if you see an advert here, at the end of the blog post, it isn’t mine. WordPress sometimes run advertisements because they need to fund their blogging service. I could pay to have the adverts removed, but I would rather host a Giveaway and pay postage to have a gift delivered.

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My Dilemma

Open House Miniatures - dolls house paper theatre kit  prize Magazine - slightly over 12th scale

My New Year’s Resolution (as usual) involved tidying up and making room to work.

This Resolution then collided with Reality and caused a Dilemma.

To read about The Dilemma, please skip The Giveaway and scroll down.

The Giveaway

I have three sets of magazines (details in previous post) and a miniature card theatre (details in a previous post) and no space.

If I continue to create more printables (and try them out) I am going to have even less space.

So, if you would like a set of 6 miniature magazines, or the theatre (or both) please leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know if you would like the set of magazines made from –

  • Basic supermarket paper
  • Best quality eucalyptus paper (the paper does not smell, it is just paper made from fast-growing, “sustainable” wood)
  • Premium coated paper


  • the theatre

(you can, of course, also say something else like – “nice idea” – “are you mad?” – “more please!” – “when are you going to do a new printable?” etc.)

One comment per person, please.

If you would like the theatre and a set(s) of magazines, please say so in one comment.

When someone leaves a comment I will write their name and number on a piece(s) of paper and, depending on what they would like, that numbers will go into one of four separate bags.

The winners will be picked at random on Sunday (oops Sorry ! SATURDAY) 2nd February 2013, at midday (UK time).

(Remember, one comment each please. If you would like the theatre and 1/2/3 set(s) of magazines, I will make sure that your number is put in each bag.)

Please be aware –

  • When WordPress sends me notification that someone leaves a comment, they also include the sender’s email address – I never store, share or keep that email address.
  • I will contact the four winners via the comments on this blog (anyone who looks will be able to see who has won, and what).
  • I will also contact the winner(s) by the email address supplied by WordPress. At this point the winner(s) will need to give me a delivery address – I will not store, share or keep that delivery address.
  • I will put the magazines and theatre in the post as soon as possible, but delivery may take up to 14 days or, if the weather is bad where you live, even longer.

The Dilemma

I haven’t blogged for ages and this is my third blog post in under 24 hours.

What is going on ?

I did start to write an explanation and, after I had filled three sides of A4 paper, I concluded that a list was easier to read.

  1. Thanks to the nice person who commented a couple of days ago, asking about printables, I started to feel guilty
  2. I am a terrible record keeper (and I have been very busy)
  3. This blog is supposed to make me keep track of what I am doing (it’s not working)(and I have been very busy)
  4. I think blogging about “what I made this week” is Monumentally Boring (and I have been very busy)
  5. I like making things (and I have been very busy)
  6. I am interested in what other people make (I am never too busy for this)
  7. I like being able to share things to do and make (sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day)
  8. So do I –
    1. Make kits? This is not cost-effective – for me, or the person paying postage
    2. Make downloadable plans that have to be paid for? I doubt very much that anyone would buy them AND, even if they did, they would not be cost-effective for me
    3. Make  printable freebies for this blog? These are expensive time-wise and I can’t do them every week, but they do give me a chance to try out some ideas and they are a lot more fun than “blogging”

What do I do with the examples I make for the blog ?!?!?!

  1. Bin them? – I hate throwing things away – even failed projects have a box of their own ( Get a Grip, Elizabeth –  you do not have space for another box !!!!)
  2. Sell them? – 9 times out of 10 – this is not going to be cost-effective – for me, or the person paying postage
  3. Give them away?  – How?!?!?!? – I don’t belong to a miniaturist’s club, I am not going to any fairs soon/this year/ever again, and you’d be amazed how many people I know who Do Not Have The Slightest Interest in Dolls’ House Miniatures…

So I investigated the Online Giveaway Process – (and started to feel worried)

  • Rafflecopter, etc. = data capture (I do hope everyone keeps a separate email address especially for entering giveaways)
  • Facebook app thingy = you have got to be joking !!! (Advertising gone mad, why should everyone know what everyone else buys?)
  • Etsy Giveaway??? – Etsy provides a page full of links to individual blogs. They don’t host them.

Full circle back to this blog.

Result – The Giveaway

Open House Miniatures - doll house paper fairy Tale Theatre kit (made up)  Open House Miniature 12th Scale Prize Magazine for Children

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