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Where was I ?

Our computer has been to the PC repair shop and I have been off-line for a while.

While I was waiting for my Spoonflower samples to arrive, I had been planning to write about Sue Bakker,  but thanks to the interruption I have rather lost the thread of of all that I wanted to say (no pun intended).

So what follows is shorter and briefer than I originally intended –

Sue Bakker needlework pattern in International Dolls House News 1977

I am very sorry to say that I only know Sue Bakker by reputation and not personally.

She is a founder member of The Guild of Miniature Needle Arts and some of her superb work can be seen on their website here – http://www.gmna.org.uk/people/SueBakker/Sue.html

She is also a member of The Miniature Needlework Society (International)

I know that her designs appear in various books, but I have never seen any of her charts offered for sale in kit form and I can only suggest that anyone interested in her work should contact her through one of these websites.

One of my friends, who knew how much I enjoy canvas work, gave me a copy of the International Dolls House News (Volume 26 No 11, October 31st 1997) containing one of her charted designs, and above is my attempt to do her work justice.

I think that it is a superb design and I found it was a great deal easier to work than its intricate appearance suggests.


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Spot the Difference

Open House Miniatures - new look fireworks

From time to time the materials that I use to make something become unavailable.

A good, recent, example of this was the large box of Wilder’s Fireworks, shown in the photograph above.

I made both of these boxes of fireworks, and both boxes are marked / dated on the back.

The paper used to cover the box is different.

The paper used for the label is different and the printing method / printer used is different.

However, they look similar on the outside, and so does the arrangement of the fireworks.

Open House Miniatures - Firework box interior

The box on the right was made in 2006 and it has been played with.

The box on the left was finished this week and it is pristine and new.

The contents, and arrangement of the contents, have remained the same since 2006.

The box, and the arrangement of the fireworks inside it, vary slightly from box to box. This is because they are handmade and not mass-produced.

The new box is a fraction larger than the old box –

Just under 2  (5 cm) inches long

Just over 1 and 1/4 (3.3 cm)  inches wide

Just over 5/16th inch  (0.8 cm) deep

The box contains 13 fireworks, and these are fixed in place in the box.

I did not invent fireworks, or a box to put them in. However, I do make these particular boxes of fireworks and so I now have to add the following caveat –

All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in my design and products and in the images and text on this website are and will remain the property of Elizabeth Plain 2013.

***   ***   ***   ***

I was hoping to blog about Spoonflower’s fabric this week, but it (naturally) takes longer to make up a swatch pack than it does to print one sample piece and so I am still waiting for my swatch pack to arrive.

I still think that Spoonflower’s service is incredibly fast !

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