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Open House Miniatures - Victorian Photograph Album with tasselled page marker

At just over 7/8th of an inch (2.4cm) tall and just under 1 and 1/2 inches (3.7cm) wide, these are a bit smaller than the other photograph albums that I make.

They have a separate gutter between the pages, which is how a great many albums were originally constructed, and this design allows the – relatively thick album pages  to lie flat without straining the binding.

These examples are  fixed open flat, and have a moveable page marker that can be arranged – or removed entirely – to suit the situation.

The pages are reproduced from a Victorian album and are crisp and clean, and have painted gilt edges.

The photographs are miniature reproductions of Victorian originals and are printed on professional quality, matt photographic paper and inset into the pages.

The cover is made from soft, very dark brown, leather – which has been recycled from an old handbag.

Please note – this handmade item is not a ‘toy’, it is a ‘collector’s item’

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I am feeling very pleased and excited.

I think I have finally, positively, identified the original maker of my miniature Whiteley’s Catalogue House

And they are … G & J Lines

The house below is currently on eBay – with an asking price of £400

G and J Lines Dolls' House

One of the joys of eBay – for me at least – is reading the descriptions –

G & J Lines Dolls House c1900’s requiring restoration

Original interior papers, original fireplaces ( one grill missing), exterior original papers, but has been overpainted at sometime.

There is dormant woodworm in the roof and floor.

Bought with the intention of restoring but no time

Approx size Base 241/2 inches wide by 17 inches deep. Height 30 inches.

Please see pictures.

Cash on collection.  COLLECTION ONLY

There is dormant woodworm in the roof and floor !!! – is it asleep, or merely biding its time before leaping forth to devour everthing in sight?

Woodworm aside, and even without chimneys, it is a remarkable match for the one used as an illustration in What a Life!

What a Life! Chapter 1

For anyone interested, there is a good article on the Musuem of Childhood webpage about G & J Lines, who were important British toy makers of the late 19th and whose production continued well in to the 20th Century.

The Museum have also, very generously, made available the Tri-ang Toys Catalogue (Lines Bros), 1937-8

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Open House Miniatures - Never Again House - Number 18

It has been a long while since I made one of these houses and so timed myself  during the construction of this one – Number 18

Now I know why I used to call it the Never Again House

It took 17 hours from start to finish – not including the time taken to create the wallpaper designs from old fabric samples –  and I had managed to forget exactly how fiddly every single bit of it is

  • 13 windows – with glazing bars
  • 4 floors – with a fireplace on each floor
  • steps
  • decorative moulding

I could go on and on – and the end result is something that stands just under 4 inches (9.8cm) high

So, Never, Ever Again !

… till next time

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Open House Miniatures - Dolls' House Wilder's Alexandra Palace Fireworks

What with one thing and another, I have left it too late to make any fireworks for November 5th this year –

I have three feeble excuses for this –

  1. I have been very busy
  2. I now live about 175 miles from the print shop that I used to use – and will need to reset the original template
  3. I can no longer get the paper that I used to use – I have been looking for alternatives

So, it is inevitable that any new fireworks that I make are going to look different.

Although the sizes are probably going to remain the same.

Large Luxury Box of Wilder’s Alexandra Palace Prize Fireworks

Just under 2 inches (5cm) wide

Just over 1 and 1/4 (3.3cm)  inches tall

5/16th inch  (0.8cm) deep

Contains 13 fireworks – fixed in place in the box

Wilder’s Alexandra Place Fireworks

Just over 1 inch (2.5cm) wide

Just over 1 and 6/16th  (3.95) inches tall

5/16th inch  (0.8cm) deep

Contains 8 fireworks – fixed in place in the box

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Please note – these dolls’ house miniature fireworks do not contain any gunpowder and are for display only. They are not “toys”, they are “collector’s items”.


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