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Decisions, decisions…

I have just spent a week trying to get a version of McLoughlin’s Pretty Village to work in 12th scale.

The houses themselves, although fiddly to fit together, were not too much of a challenge and I managed to recreate some of the original map from scraps that I had, but the box has been a major problem…

The original box for the village was very large and had wooden sides and the houses folded up and were stored flat inside.

As I do not think that it would be reasonable to expect anyone to attempt to put together the houses in the 12th scale version, I had made them  solid with a number on their base which shows where they would have been placed on the original map.

This format demanded a different, deeper, type of box.

I did consider storing the houses and map pieces in a larger version of one of the houses and was very pleased with the result – until it was pointed out to me that there was nothing on the house that gave any indication of  the contents.

My next attempt featured a reproduction of the lid of the School House set of the Pretty Village. In an attempt to be absolutely clear what was in the box, I put this on the inside and outside of  a box a picture showing the Pretty Village. unfortunately the result looked like a very odd suitcase, so I discarded it  immediately and decided to try a traditional box, where the lid if lifted away from the base.

This was better shape, but the colour was still “wrong”…

To cut a long and painful story short, three days later I finally achieved a box that I thought was acceptable.

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Anyone who would like to try assembling a house from the School House set is very welcome to have a go.

The following example is larger than 12th scale and may make a a good dolls’ house in a dolls’ house.

Free miniature printable - number 14 from McLoughlin's Pretty Village set


In order to get a good print use the best setting on your printer

Use thick paper or thin card – I used 200 gsm paper for mine

Cut out the slots for the roof and score along the lines indicated before cutting out the walls of the house and the roof. This will make folding and assembly a lot easier

DO NOT FORGET to leave yourself some tabs for glue – I used the gable end, but either end works just as well.

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2013 – I have been asked about a download for the full set –

This small set was one of the (very) few things that I made as a limited edition and it is not available as a download.

There is a pdf for three of the houses  on this blog post here –


and the instructions for putting them together are here –


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